This is one of two Sedan's produced in the first wave of Transformers. The color is in all white. This piece is quite nifty and was only produced in South America in this color. The only thing different is the stickers which are exactly like the Microman version. No Autobot or Decepticon symbols were ever placed on the Brazilian Transformers.
    Other than being in non Microman colors, what makes this piece incredible is the fact Bumlejumper was produced under Transformers in South America, unlike in North America where he was put out by possible mistake. What had me wondering for many years was did Sedan have his own card art?

    The been mystery that had me puzzled for so long has been proven. Bumblejumper does have package artwork! It is well drawn and fits exactly with the other Takara artwork done for the other mini-cars. One now has to wonder when it was created, and the possibility that Bumblejumper was NOT a mistake in North America! Was he planned to be released? Was he scrapped for unknown reasons? So many unanswered questions that only time will tell.

    With the artwork also came Tech Specs! Here is Bumblejumper's original and unique tech sec bio.


Function: Strategy

"To be in the right place at the right time - this is the key to victory."

    ROBOCAR SEDAN is not super-quick nor ... an extraordinary force. But he is unsurpassed in his specialty: strategic planning of the missions of all the Robocars. His capacity for analysis and his logical reasoning are so highly developed that frequently, he anticipates future events and plans devastating surprise attacks against the enemy. He is cold-blooded and calculating.

Collection Of Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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