In the middle of May 2003, all the Walmart's I know of received this store display. Every Walmart also tore it apart that day, and placed the toys on their own shelves. The display itself is gigantic and is a floor center piece. It is specially designed for Walmart, so no other toy stores got them.
    On one side it has shelving units to hold the $9.99 assortment, while the other side held the $19.99 figures. The piece was shipped setup; attached to a palette, and loaded with toys. It has a huge 2 foot cutout of Optimus on one side, and Galvatron on the other side. A Walmart pole is supposed to stick through the top hole, and 2 slide in displays went into the Walmart sign.
    It was blind luck that I walked in that day, let alone asked on it (And fit in my car!). Pictured above is part of the small sheet given to Walmart to show the display and how to restock it. The display is disassembled in basement, which i have shown a few photos of. This display can be consider one of the rarest displays for Transformers, because of the extremely short life span it had, and none will be found unassembled or taken early because it was on a palatte filled with toys.

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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