This item comes from the world of 25 cent Vending Machines. It was placed behind the glass, and the toys taped or glued to it so you can see what you supposedly can get. Most of the time you got the crummiest toy, while they showed the coolest robots ever. With a small red robot pictured and in various sizes, it seems they sold small rubber robots that looked like Decoys, but could also grow in water! I love those!

    To many who do not remember the days of the good toys in the vending machines, let me help. Everything and anything was put in them. From slime that can stain any carpet, to fully transforming robotic toys! That is right, most of you remember getting rubber non moveable robot or monsters. But there was one legendary vending machine that made it's rounds in the early 90's. It contain rubber Robotech toys, miniture sized Go-Bots that could fully transform, and even some lock bot transformers in mini size! There were Robotech Valkyries pictured, and many toys that I wished I could get that were shown but seemingly unattainable, but I never had enough quarters... and after awhile, the machine faded away to memories.

Collection of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Anonymous

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