Robo Tron

    This is were Buddy L began its transforming robotic toy line. These robots all had pullbacks and simple transformations. Tomarts states that 4 different figures were really made (8 Total). Even the packages say collect all 8, yet there are 10! The unknown robot is a copy of Spay-C from the Gobot models by Monogram. It is unknown why this figure wasn't cataloged, or even shown (or mentioned) on the figure listing from Buddy L. Could be from second series, or Monogram found out about their Spay-C, and stopped production on that piece early. Who knows? Either way, this is a fun and tough line to collect.

-<>-Good Force-<>-

Autotron (Sports Car)

Loadtron (Garbage Truck)

Traktron (Locomotive)

Turbotron (Mini Van)

????????? (Space Shuttle)

-<>-Evil Force-<>-

Dragtron (Sports Car)

Trashtron (Garbage Truck)

Locotron (Locomotive)

Gastron (Mini Van), Pic 2

????????? (Space Shuttle)

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