This is one of the unproduced holy relics from Transformers. This is the Unproduced Action Masters Half Track Transforming Tank. This is it's true name, coming from a hidden source. It is handpainted, a hardcopy, and it's the only one in existance.
    This Tank is Huge! It can sit 3 Action Master, and have 2 standing! It is Battery Operated using real tank treads! Not only does this piece contain two huge cannons, and a dual laser cannon for the driver... it can Transform! Hasbro knew they had lost the original concept of vehicles turning into robots. With this in mind, they made the Half Track transform into a huge robot that could actually roll forward for attack!
    This piece is by far one of the coolest unproduced prototypes to appear, and this is only a taste of what is out there.

Collection of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Anonymous

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