This is a Test Shot of a Krok. He has a different color plastic than his produced counterparts. His Body is mainly grey, while the produced figures are black. Also, this figure lacks copyright information on his foot. Another difference that I just recently noticed is that the back of head of the Test Shot Krok is smooth, while the produced one has a indent detail. Production varation!
    Test Shots are performed by all toy manufactor's today. However, in the early 80's and 70's they did not do that. Instead they sculpted in near 1:1 scale of the actual toy would look like and also hand paint the prototype. Before a test shot is made, the toy is sculpted out of a clay in about 1:2 or, in this case, probably a 1:4. After the clay sculpt is made it is made into a wax sculpt were finer detail can be added. After a wax scuplt is made it is then made into the regular size. Then it is sent away were metal molds are made. And the in some Asian country the actual toy is made. Before production is started, a few "test shots" are made to see if everything is in working order. The test shots are sent back to the company and have to be approved before the run starts. Or the infomation is just passed on, not the test shots which should be destroyed or taken home.

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