The exclusive for Botcon 1995 was Nightracer, a Female Decepticon Gobot. The year before, Botcon 1994, the exclusive was the Unproduced G2 Stunticon Breakdown. The Breakdown had a test run of 300+ at Hasbro. Roughly 200 were given out at Botcon, and the other 100 were given out at the 1995 FX Convention in Florida which was hosted by Whiz Bang.
    In 1995, Hasbro also offered Whiz Bang to do a Nightracer exlcusive for the 1996 FX convention. Whiz Bang picked up roughly 40 Nightracers that were just the toy in the bag. The FX96' Nightracer Exclusive project never materialized and was never produced.
    Pictured above is one of the Test Shot pieces that Whiz Bang got. They are bagged just like the Botcon version but also have a sticker and number on top. They never had a backer card, and were never given stickers or Decepticon logo's. Overall, these are extremely neat!

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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