This is a concept piece put togther by Takara and presented to Hasbro. They took a G2 Ramjet and repainted it with unique grid pattern in sky blue. I'am unsure of the idea that this toy was used for, but it had a theme. With the usage of the "NAVY" stickers, the caution colors, and a insignia on his thigh... I think Takara was looking to make a line that accuratley represented jets of the real world. This would be contrary to the G2 jets that were produced with strange colors and awkward stickers. This piece is a cost effient mock up piece that is created, and then displayed to a board as a possible future toy idea. This chop shop idea is oftenly used and has been in the toy industry for many years. It is unknown if this piece was intended to go any further in the process than it is displayed here.

Collection of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Anonymous

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