This is the unproduced Stunticon Breakdown. Breakdown was never produced due to the newer upcoming series of Beast Wars. Breakdown though had a test run done by Hasbro. They produced around 350 MOSC samples. These were purchased by the organizers of Botcon (The Hartmans) and were the Botcon 94' exclusives. Some of these Breakdowns also ended up as Flordia's FX 95' Convention exclusive. Hasbro had many more Generation 2 Transformers extremely close to full scle production, but stopped it all. Only a few examples exist of these piece, even less carded. The toughest of the Stunitcons to find is Motormaster, while the easiest is Breakdown (Botcon 94' Exclusive)

Collection of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Anonymous

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