This is one of the unproduced holy relics from Transformers. This is the Unproduced Micromasters Command Center. Though it's real name is unknown, this playset was created to be the Micromasters main Autobot Base. It is handpainted, a hardcopy, and it's the only one in existance.
    This playset boasts a lot of features to make anyone go nuts. It can transform from a Micromasters Carrying Case, to a rolling base to a large defensive command center. Two small vehicles can sperate from the main base, and can also merge into one ship. There is a computer consol level, as well as a gunner's level with two dual laser cannons. The third level is a crows nest with dual cannon at the very top. Facing the front of this base is four turrets with dual guns which can each hold one Micromaster. The main platform has two poseable robotic arms for repairs. Last but not least, 10 Micromasters can be placed in car mode and are waiting to roll out at your command! With a press of a button on each side, you can launch all 10 Micromasters into battle!
    This piece is by far one of the coolest unproduced prototypes to appear, and this is only a taste of what is out there.

Collection of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Anonymous

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