This picture is the only evidence that these pieces ever existed. The figures shown are the first three Engineering Pilots for the Powermasters Slapdash, Getaway & Joyride. This is the first toys to be produced by the original mold.

    These toys are all molded in white, pink & blue colors. Though these are the production colors of Getaway, Joyride & Slapdash were never produced in these colors. These EP1's should not have any mold differences, and should be very close to a production piece. The only pupose is to test the molds for any flaws. These should also not have any copyright markings which were added later.

    It is highly unlikely more pictures of prototypes being in a Hasbro offices will ever come out, but this is one for the books. On another note, these prototypes were thrown out in the mid 90's by their owner, which chose to keep the 2nd Engineering Pilots because they were more accurate to the characters.

Collection Of: A Garbage Dump in Rhode Island
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photo: Steve Wilson

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