This piece belongs to the unprdouced line of Double Pretenders, which might be the second series of small pretenders. These Pretenders would carry I believe two robots rather than one. It also could have ranged from one robot and a vehicle, or just a two robots. So far only 3 types of Double Pretenders have surfaced. A human in Lion faced armor, a 4-armed Monster, and a Armored Gorilla.

    It is still unknown when these guys were intended to be produced (88', 89', 90'?). Some evidance does support that they were supposed to be 88' or 89' based on one of them appears on the instruction artwork for a Pretender Groundbreaker.

    This toy is awesome! It is a obvious Decepticon based on it's looks and is probably one of the best Pretender monsters I have seen! He measures 6" inches tall and has 4 arms, 4 eyes and a massive amount of ammunition. This piece is a handpainted resin hardcopy. None of the limbs move and he is solid. Instead of splitting down the middle, it seems that it was intended to be opened from the back like the Monster Pretenders.

    It is probable that prototypes exists of the two robots that fit in this Pretender. Hard to figure if they would form a monster looking like this guy or what they would turn in to. Would they combine themselves to form the monster, and then form two robots?

    Hasbro was still testing around with colors on these pieces. Strangely enough, there seems to be two of each of these Double Pretenders out there. Each version has a different color scheme than the other. When comparing this Double Pretender Monster to the Double Pretender Monster shown at Botcon 96, there are large differences. This version is painte dbrown and his arms to. all four eyes are painted blue and the yellow striped highlights are more faint. Hopefully some day I can get comparitive shots, or better yet, the other parts and robots to this guy!

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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