These are Generation 1 Proof Cards for the Micromaster Off-Road Patrol. There are two cards, one for the front and one for the back. The backside of each of the proofs is blank cardboard. Other main differences of these and the final products is that these proof cards have uncut sharp edges (as all proofs do). These were actually handcut from a sheet of proof cards, not machine cut. In addition, the punch hole hasn't even been put in. This card also seems to be more richer in color.

    These type of Proof cards gave the package designers a overall look at the final product. But they allowed them to see errors and make corrections. Above, you can see the transformation artwork was circled on the proof card. The package designer, or approver, circled the artwork. This could mean that they were corrected or should be corrected. Many errors did occur in these final stages. Re-correcting the arrows that pointed the wrong way, or if the toy art can be changed to show a easier view. More imoprtantly the actual instructions need to be checked for errors to coincide with the artwork transformation or the wording is to confusing for the child.

    It seems I was lucky enough to get a proof card with errors. The left picture is of the proof card that has the original drawings of the unproduced prototype Powertrain. The picture to the right is a scan of the production Micro Master Off Road Patrol backer. Pictures of this unproduced Powertrain toy can be seen on the package as well in toy form, but the artwork shows the difference clearer. The Powetrain drawing on the proof card has a uproduced transformation of his feet, showing him to have the wheels that slide 90 degree's to form the feet. The produced Powertrain, and the corrected artwork, have Powertrain's wheels connected to the legs, while the back blue plastic piece also slides 90 degree's to form the feet.

    The circled Mudslinger was circled because the art did not show the indentation on the inside wheels on the arms. The production toy and art show that Mudslinger has a indent on the inside bottom of the tire, that causes the outward part of the wheel (the actual part that turns) to turn!

    These proof cards were circled because the error was caught, and was sent back to the artist to retool.....which he/she obviously did. This proof card set was a intricate part of the process of creating the packaging for the Micromaster Off Road Patrol.

Pictured below is the unproduced versions of Powertrain and Mudslinger. Notice the difference in the wheels of Mudslinger and Powertrain's legs.

Collection Of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photo: Alex Bickmore

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