In Europe, Milton Bradly aquired rights to produce Transformers. Actually, it was more of they can take the toy and slap it in a "MB" multi-lingual box and sell it. It seems MB only aquired rights for the first run off of Transformers. Only a handful of 1st series cars & 1 2nd series car.... and Mini-Cars have been located. Hasbro later took over.

    What brings most interest to these is that the G1 cars did not have normal inserts, but had Diaclone styrofoam inserts. The toys seem to be Diaclone based upon markings. No Diaclone driver was placed with the toy, and there are added cardboard inserts to help prop up the small Diaclone styrofoam insert. These are quite tough to locate, and so far only a handful have surfaced over time. The most notable of these MB Styrofoam inserted Transformers is the "Red" Tracks. Other G1 cars such as Wheeljack, Ratchet, Mirage & Prowl have been found packaged in MB boxes with Diaclone inserts.

Collection of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Anonymous

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