This variation of Slag seems to have only been produced in Canada. No one is sure how long it was produced, or why it was produce in these colors. "Red" Slag has many features that make it different from any version of Slag. Red Slag is the roughly the same toy as the worldwide released Slag, but all the black parts are now white. Even Slag's missile launcher is made of red plastic. Other things that vary in color are the legs are white, not black. The face is red with silver facial highlighting, and the chest is not chromed, but is only tinted red on the front. The last feature is that all the parts that are chrome, have a base plastic of white underneath. All world wide released Slag's have a black plastic underneath.
    The more striking part, other than being just another Transformer variation, is that this is not based on the original Diaclone Slag colors. The Diaclone Slag was in Blue, with blue parts and a blue face. These colors are all Hasbro's idea, and like Red Tracks, who was pictured in the 1985 box artwork, Red Slag was pictured on all the Transformers boxes world wide. The one pictured though, seems to be a Hasbro Prototype with Diaclone weapons and horns. It seems quite possible that Slag and Snarl were supposed to be produced in "red" colors, and not in black, like the other Dinobots. Hasbro quickly changed their minds on it and produced them accordingly, with the black parts, perhaps to save money on plastics. For some reason, a batch was made of these Red Slags, and as I said before, it is unknown for how long. What this really demonstrates is that Hasbro produced their own early version of Slag, which can easily show that the existance of Blue quite possible.
    Partial Red Slags have also appeared. Slags with Red faces but black legs have shown up, as well as white legged and black faced. Click here to see a Red faced & Black legged Snarl. It's very possible that the parts started to be changed in color and mixing occured for a short time.

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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