(L-R): Painted Macross Symbol Jetfire ___ Sticker Macross Symbol Jetfire ___ Regular Jetfire

    The "Macross" Jetfire has been dubbed that name because they carry the Macross symbol on the wing. Macross is the Anime where the design of the Jetfire (Valkyrie) originated. The beginning process of production of Jetfires must have had this symbol in by accident. But no one is sure. Below are the differences between "Macross" Jetfires comapred to the Regular Jetfires. Below you can read about the various differences. From what I have seen, the Macross Sticker version is a little bit tougher than the Painted version. No one knows why, and I may be wrong as well.

    The Painted symbol is the sign of the Federation (U.N. Spacy). The painted Macross Symbol is more clean cut and is the exact paint of the wing's red line. The sticker one is a Macross Sticker from the original toy line, that is placed on the wing. Do notice that the painted line on the wing stops, and leaves a gap before the sticker. The regular Jetfires have a stright unbroken line, so it is a little hard to fake. There are also subtle differences about the Macross Jetfires that many people forget.

    Look at the cockpit window. See that black line which rounds with the cockpit glass? That is another varation which all Macross Jetfires have. The Cockpit glass is also clearer than the regular Jetfire's which have a slight tint. The "black line" can also be found on Macross toys which were producd by Takatoku, and then Ban Dai.

    The head prongs are different as well. As you can see, the "Macross" version prongs are much more detailed in the lower areas. The detailed prongs can aslo be found on Macross toys as well.

    Macross Jetifres markings say "Matsushiro", and then on other side, Tokyo Japan". Also there has been known extra stickers that came with Macross ones. The painted one you see has a few more "Macross" stickers that came from the original Macross toys. Even a Minmei sticker with a snake on Jetfires inner leg has been found! (you can also see two extra stickers on chest plate)

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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