(L-R): Non poster Scourge __ Poster Scourge __ TM Scourge

    Pictured above is three different Scourges. When I state " Poster ", I refer to that the box it came from had teh Movie Poster offer.

    The first as you can see has a all blue top. This one came in the NON-Poster box which is a little tougher to find. The second came in the Poster Box and has a sticker over the plastic. Hasbro replaced the actually apint with a sticker. This conversion is almost the same with Hasbro moving from Metal to plastic parts (Hot Rod Toes, Kup Wheels etc.). The third is the TARGET MASTER Scourge. Other than the fists which have larger holes, the main top stickers are the same as #2, but extremly Glossy and more brialliant of a blue. Also the plastic of the TM Scourge is much Bluer than the rest.

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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