This is the Japanese Gameboy game of Zoids which was produced in 1990. It was only released in Japan, and it is a shooter game. You start the game with the option to play 1 or 2 players. For 2 players, you need a link cabale. When you click on 1 player, you get a option to choose the opposing sides. When you choose one, you start with 3 lives. With each life, you can play as a different type of Zoid. If you choose the first team (lightning), then the first Zoid you can be is the Sabretooth, then the T-Rex, then the Triceratops. If you choose the 2nd team, you get to be a Dragon, a Gorilla and then a Dinosaur.
    The game consists of 6 levels. After every 2 levels, you fight a boss. The boss is always the opposing teams zoid that you could have player, and the same weapon. So if you choose the Lightning team, your first boss would be the Dragon for level 2, then the Gorilla for level 4 etc. The enemies also differ from which team you play, as well as level to level. You may get Mammoths, Fish, Pegasus's, Flying Dragons, Spiders, Crabs and many more. There are power ups in the game for your weapon or health. Actually isn't to bad of a game, though the most damage is caused by the Volcano's. Only levels 5 & 6 are differet than 1-4.

Collection of: Mac Bickmore
Paragraph: Mac Bickmore
Photos: Mac & Alex Bickmore

Intro Screen

Choose Your Side!

1st Level, 1st guy (Sabretooth) for Lightning Team. Power-up's and enemy pictured.

3rd Level, 2nd guy (T-Rex; Gojulas) with missiles attacking!

2nd Level, 3rd guy (Triceratops). Trying to pass lava blast; also Mammoth below.

5th Level, Triceratops facing new enemy hoards!

If you chose the other side, this is your first Zoid, a Dragon (Darkness?). Also new enemies!

Your 2nd Zoid is the Gorilla, Iron Kong! Attacking is a bug zoid that can multiply!

Your last Zoid is a Dinosaur-Type (??????).

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