Our knowledge of Zoids is currently limited. We can show a few that we have picked up to give you a idea of the toy line. They were produced by Tomy from Japan, and they keep making and re-issuing a few here and there. A good amount was also released in North America and Europe.


Bloody Death Saurer MIB

DesCat MIB

Dimetrodon Small (Gator-Type) MIB

Elephant (Elephant-Type) MIB

Gojulas MK-II MIB

Gungyardo MIB

King Gojulas MIB

Merda (Dinosaur-Type) MIB

Slitherzoid MIB


Kreep MIB

Spartak MIB

    The Zoids listed here are produced in conjunction with the Zoids animated series. This series was first released in Japan around 2000, and then aired in North American on Cartoon Network in 2002. Most of these Zoids are reissues, while a few are original to this series. There are quite a few and the series of toys and the show are doing quite well. I will be picturing the original Japanese packaged Zoids, they are much cooler.

(32) Sinker

(34) Geno Breaker

(40) Wardick

(41) Liger Zero

(45) Salamander

(46) Shadow Fox

(47) Maccurtis

(48) Demnatis

(50) Diloforce

(51) Grounchar

(52) Gunbluster

(60) Dark Spiner

(63) Guntiger


Jr-Zoids Gojulas & Iron Kong 2-Pack MIB

Jr-Zoids Gojulas MIB

Zoids Super Deformed (SD)

Japanese SD Display Box

Dino Comics (North American SD Zoids)

Zoids Store Displays

Toys'R Us Running Liger Zero Dome

Toys'R Us Z-Builders 3-D Display

Toys'R Us 4' Z-Builders Header Display

Toys'R Us Double Sided Hanging Display "Zoids"

Toys'R Us Scorpion Header Card

Toys'R Us Zoids Shelf Talker

Zoids Misc.

Zoids Fishtank Starbird by Penn Plax MIB

Zoids Video Game for Famicom

Zoids Video Game for Game Boy (Game Pictures)

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