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        A lot of the variations produced are created by different factories in different countries. One factory a different shade of color, or used different colors in various area's. Other variations are just cutting costs and saving money by not painting teeth or eyes.
        Unlike some variations which are just factory mistakes, many were exlcsuive to Chariots or Playsets. There are more variations yet to be discovered, so please e-mail when you find one.

#3 Ferocious Tiger
        Ferocious Tiger has various shades of pink for his shoulder lights. Here are four examples.

#4 Colonel Bird
        Colonel Bird was produced in different hue's. The darker version may have come from one of the playsets.

#5 Killer Carp
        Killer Carp can be found in a bright fusha or in plum.

#9 Rocky Rhino
        Rocky Rhino was produced in a dull yellow and a straight bright yellow.

#13 Gargantuan Gorilla
        The Gorilla has a reverse plastic color variation. The more common Gorilla is made of black plastic, with red paint armor. The tougher version, is made of Orange plastic and black painted skin.

#17 Hardtop Tortiose
        The Tortiose has a reverse plastic color variation. The more common Tortiose is made of black plastic, with orange paint armor. The tougher version, is made of Orange plastic and black painted skin.

#19 Prickly Porcupine
        The Porcupine has three variations. The commonly found one is a somewhat dark yellow. The variations are a lime yellow colored armor, and the other is a Mustard color armor. The mustard version might be exclusive with a be vehicle, while the lime one might be my imaginiation.

#24 War Weasel
        The War Weasel variation is quite notciable. The more common one is a light ornage color skin. The tougher variation has pink skin and dark blue armor. The variation pictured is missing paint around the crotch. I'am unsure if this is common with this variation or a factory mishap. The tougher Weasal comes from the Big Horn Chariot

#25 Bloodthirsty Bison
        The Bison variation is a slight one. The more common Bison has dull purple armor, while the tougher one has lighter purple and a gloss as well. The tougher Bison comes from the Deer Stalker Chariot

#26 Bighorn Sheep
        The Sheep variation is a slight one. The more common Sheep has a turqouise color. The tougher variation is a light blue. When compared you can see the differnece. The tougher Sheep comes from the Tearn' Tiger Chariot

#28 Crusty Crab
        The Crab variation is that one is a pink color. The pink variation is rarer, and came the Fire Eagle Playset.

#31 Jaded Jag
        Jaded Jag has the most distinct variation. The more common Jaded Jag has red armor, while the rarer one has red armor. It is unknown how the blue one was sold.

#36 Octillian Octopus
        The Octopus variation is that the eyes are not painted. Probably a factory mistake.

#37 Wolfgang Walrus
        The Walrus variation is that one has the tusks and eyes painted white, and the controls white. The rarer variation has the eyes and controls painted green, and the tusks left unpainted. The non painted tusk variation is rarer, and probably came with a Chariot or Playset.

#38 Powerhouse Mouse
        The Mouse variation is that one has painted teeth and the the other is unpainted. The non painted teeth variation is rarer.

#38 Powerhouse Mouse Weapon
        The weapons are a different color. It is possible the darker one came with a variation of Power Housemouse

#42 Minor Mole
        One of the more distinct variations. One mole has purple armor and a yellow lamp light. The rarer variation has black armor and a red lamp light.

#49 Squire Squirrel
        The Squirrel variations is that the more common one has red chest armor and white teeth. The rarer variation has yellow chest armor and unpainted teeth.

#61 Pixelated Pointer
        The Pointer variation is that one version has light purple chest armor highlights and the other has darker highlights.

#61 Pixelated Pointer
        The Pointer variation is a strange one. One has a painted crotch while the other does not. It is unknown if it is a factory mistake, but the unpainted version is tougher.

#65 Tanglin Pangolin
        The Tanglin Pangolin has various shades of peach. This could be results of various factories or incorrect matching of color dye's for various batches.

#86 Rainbow Samu
        Rainbow Samu has a variation or a factory mistake. Pictured below is a Rainbow Samu with the white paint around his eyes missing.

#103 Slag King
        Slag King has two variations! The first variation pictured is a darker skin and comes from the Boxed Battle Chariot Savannah. The lighter color one comes as a prize with the drill from the Punch It box from Japan.

#110 Grin Reefer
        Pictured below is a Grin Reefer with only half his mouth painted. The machine probably missed the one half, but it is a interesting piece none the less. Thanks Josh Lulewicz

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