The Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon aired in the early 80's on CBS and was somewhat of a sucess. Venger the main bad ass sorcerer was voiced by Peter Cullen who also did Optimus Prime and Ironhide in Tranformers. There seems to be a great fan following for this cartoon series, and there are barely any novelty items out there. If you are searching for Video's of the series, search your garage sales and video stores for the 92' reissue of "In Search Of The Dungeon Master". Other than that, you would have to search or Conventions for Pirated Copies since they never issued the episodes on tape. There should be now better quality video's since they were re-issued on Fox in early part of 2000'.

   I will try to picture here many items from the Cartoon Series. This will range from Puzzles, figures, to posters. Not many items were produced based on the Animated Series.

--= Action Figures =---

Custom Action Figures of the D&D Gang

--= Books =---

1986 Annual Story Comic Book

1987 Annual Story Comic Book

--= Games =---

Fantasy Forest Board Game + 4 European M+B PVC Figures

Quest for the Dungeon Master Board Game

--= PVC Action Figures =---

   As for the PVC Cartoon Dungeons & Dragons figures, 2 sets were produced. The first set was produced in Portugal but can be found all over Europe. They are quite rare and produced by M+B. The next series is from Spain, and have more characters than the M+B series. The detail and paint job though is less for the Spainish ones, than the Portugal ones.

PVC Figures from Spain

PVC Figures from Portugal

--= Posters =---

CBS Animated D&D Poster (Main)

--= Puzzles =---

AD&D Animated 100 Count "Attacking Timat" (Waddington)

--= Stickers =---

Vending Machine Stickers

--= Videos =---

"The Time Lost" Video (1986?)

"In Search Of The Dungeon Master" Video (1992)

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