Galago Robot toys come from Argentina and were probably produced in the mid to late 80's. This toy line consisted of Transformers, Gobots and even knock-off transformers! The toy itself is the usual "ok" quality with no markings. The toys them These seem to be extremely scarce, even in Argentina.
    The toys have only number names. The pamphlet shows them, but the numbers start at 11 and end at 16. It is possible there was a earlier series of Galago or Galago was a continuation of another series. That series probably included more constructicons and gobots.
    The toys of this series are just almost exact copies of the originals. The only strange part is the Transformer Scrapper is yellow and red, unlike the original green one. Also the Galgo Four Star Knock-Off Bombshell has 2 guns, when the regular series version by Four Star only had one (possibly). The funny part is the Four Star Bombshell is already a this Galago one is a Knock-Off of a Knock-Off!
    The card is huge as you can see, and is also made out of cardboard. The bubble is stapled to the front of the card. The pamphlet is a small fold-out which shows how to transform the other toys of the series.

TR-11 (Road Ranger Knock-off)

TR-12 (Flip Top Knock-off)

TR-13 (Spoons Knock-off)

TR-14 (Zero Knock-off)

TR-15 (TF Bombshell 4-Star Knock-off)

TR-16 (TF Scrapper Knock-off)

TR-17 (Dive-Dive Knock-off)

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