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Q: Where I can buy any of the transforming Valkyries, Alpha Fighters or Cyclones?
I would suggest checking the flea markets, toy shows and comic shops near where you live. Lee's Action Figure News and Toy Review magazine, lists upcoming toy shows in their classifieds. On the internet you can search the newsgroups and auction sites, or try one of the online stores specializing in related toys.
Try one of the following websites:

eBay - Cool Japanese Toys - Kimono My House - Chad's Movie Memorabilia - Figures Inc.
(I've only dealt with eBay, so you're on you're own from here)

Q: Do you have any information about Robotech models and where I can buy them?
I only collect toys, so I don't have much information about the models or where to buy them.
Try one of the following websites:

HobbyLink Japan - eBay
(I've only dealt with eBay, so you're on you're own from here)

Q: Can you tell me how much these toys are worth?
If you're interested in finding out the estimated values of some Robotech related toys, you can check a few sources. There are some prices listed in a few monthly magazines such as ToyFare or Lee's Action Figure News and Toy Review. Cool Japanese Toys has a price guide that lists some of the Japanese made Valkyries. You can also check eBay's completed auctions to see how much people were willing to bid on the toys.

Q: Are any of the toys on your site for sale?
None of the toys on the Robotech web site are for sale. I would be willing to trade some of the items for other Robotech related toys, if you have something that I'm interested in.

Q: Did anyone ever produce a toy of the Beta Fighter?
No, there wasn't a Beta Fighter toy made by any manufacturer. There was, however, a protoype toy made be Gakken, so it was being considered.