animation Image Map 05.31.04: was created by Todd Trotter back in 1998. It was taken off the internet in the year 2000. The site has now changed hands To Super Toy Archive and will be continually worked on. A page this good cannot die!
I will place as much effort as possible to this page. I'm going to finish off sections, and add many new items. Some text may change, and barely a few images. The only two things in debate is bringing a use of more color to the page. More importantly, a division between Macross toys and Robotech toys.

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04.05.00: Added the Robotech LEGO section. Thanks to everyone for their patience. I hope you won't be disappointed.

09.03.99: Added two small scale Takatoku Toys to Sector 5. A 1/144 scale VF-1J Valkyrie and the 1/100 scale Destroid Conversion Kit. Also added three more toys to Sector 7. The 2 in 1 Action Top, the Sparkling Pistol and the Robotech Para-Diver. Added images from the collections of John and Charlie. They can be viewed in the Recon section.

07.15.99: Added a few more Matchbox toys: 2 boxed Armoured Cyclones, a boxed Bioroid Hover Craft, a loose Invid Shock Trooper, a loose Matchbox Spartan (large scale), and a loose Bioroid Invid Fighter. Franscisco has added some items to his page in the Recon section.

01.04.99 - Awarded the Silver Sera Award for an Aesthetically Pleasing Site. I would like to thank SGT Anjay and Cyclone for giving me this award. Check out SGT Anjay's Awards Page to see other awards that he has given out. Also check out Cyclone's Ultimate Genesis Climber Mospeada Homepage.
09.15.98 - Winner of Earthlink's Monthly Homepage Contest for August, in the beginner category. There was also a very nice write-up in Earthlink's monthly magazine "bLink".