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Invid Shock Trooper

The toy to the left was made by Matchbox in 1985. There is slightly less detail than the playmates version below and it has a different paint job, but other than that it's identical.

This Invid Shock Trooper was released by Playmates under their Exo-Squad line of toys in 1994. There were also versions made by Matchbox and Harmony Gold.
This is a really nice toy and is actually very close to being the correct scale for the action figures. It has moveable cannons, claws that open and close and a cockpit that can hold a figure. It is meant to be used with Corg, but Corg actually piloted a more advanced form of Invid Mecha. The pilots for the Shock troopers were little green creatures.
The toys only downfall is the lack of detail. The sensor eye could be a lot more detailed. As it was made, it appears that the large round humps on the back are supposed to be the eyes and the sensor is supposed to be the mouth. I have a hard time seeing it as it is supposed to be.

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