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Age: Undetermined
Rank: Invid Prince

During their stay on the Earth, the invid strive to find the ultimate life form to live out eternity in. It is to these ends that the Invid create Corg, a biogenetically created humanoid. Manning an Invid Shock Trooper, the evil Corg tries to put an end to the puny, but annoying resistance the Invid have to deal with at the hands of Scott Bernard's band of rebels who are trying to wrest control of the Earth away from the Invid.

Prototype Figure
This prototype of Corg is very similar to the production figure. It has a slightly more detailed paint job on the head, however.

Matchbox (Japan): Corg came with a gun (the EP-37 60mm Beam Cannon).
This figure looks a little odd. The neck and arms are really long, and he looks really feminine.
Corg can be used with the Matchbox Invid Shock Trooper vehicle.
As far as I know, this figure and Lunk are the only ones who don't have a Harmony Gold counterpart.

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