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Age: Undetermined
Rank: Supreme Leader of the Zentraedi

Dolza is the powerful leader of the Zentraedi forces. He commands his armies with a simple rule of thumb- conquer and never let up until you win. The Zentraedi are sent by the Robotech Masters to find the lost SDF-1 in order to replenish the Robotech Masters Empire's dwindling supply of Protoculture. Without this precious substance even the most simple repairs cannot be accomplished by the powerful Zentraedi.

Prototype Figure
This prototype figure of Dolza differs quite a bit from the final version. The robe is more bell shaped, he is not as articulated and he has a happily sinister look on his face.

Being as simple a design as he is, Dolza turned out to be one of the nicest looking figures of the Robotech lot. He has a cool high collar that helps accentuate his smooth scalp, and it also helps divert your eyes from the fact that, because of the stiff plastic robe he's wearing, he will never be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as sitting.

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