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Francisco Brenes

Here's my Robotech mecha collection. They are mainly Exo-Squad and Matchtbox toys. I found the Jetfire at a flea market in Manhattan. The Guardian and Battloid are the newest additions and are from the Macross 15th Anniversary Collection.

This is my video collection. They are all from the Family Home Entertainment series. I also have Macross II the Movie, Macross Plus the Movie, Macross "Clash of the Bionoids" and Robotech The Sentinels.

Here is my collection of role playing game books. I have 10 of them so far and I'm looking forward to having them all (18 total).

Here's all of the Books, and the soundtracks from Robotech and Macross Plus. A rare item I found in a flea market is a movie (CD-Rom format) with the first two episodes of the TV series (wish they made all the episodes) from Gametek.

These are some trading cards (from the video collection) and some Japanese models from Macross and Macross 7.

And finally!!! My comic collection. I have 209 so far and I'm hoping to get more in the future.

Some more models,


and toys.

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