Store Displays can range from counter top displays to window displays. There are many innovative displays out there. Generation 1 Transformers displays are very rare, and not many were produced. This is out best attempt to catalog what is out there.

Generation 1 Store Displays


Original Shelf Talker

Party Center Display Header


Sparkabots Store Display Stand

Powermaster & Micromasters Hanger

Beast Machines

Beast Machines Hanger


Toys R'Us Shelf Talker

Toys R'Us 2' Header Display

Walmart Island Center Display

Book & Coloring Book Display


Walmart Island Center Side Optimus Display

Walmart Energon Is On Cartoon Network Display


Vending Machine Header (Megatron)

Vending Machine Header (84' Backer Art)

Japanese Store Displays

Transformers the Movie

TF:TM Mobile Store Display w/ Inflatable Unicron Planet

Transformers Post Movie

Decepticon Shelf Talker

Transformers Gift Box

Micromaster Combiners & Predators Jets & Defensor

Generation 2

G2 Hanger Display

Canadian Store Displays


Video Offer Rebate Slip (Pretenders / Headmasters)

Japan Store Displays


Kabaya Kit Landcross Display

Non Toy Store Displays


Transformers Trading Cards Counter Display Bin (US)

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