This piece was only produced in Brazil proaly in the early to mid 90's. On the header card, it says his name is Brai Nstorm. The company did add quite a few things to Brainstorm. They first added on a smaller jet like cockpit on the front nosecone. Then they add a tail section with tail fins! Extremely cute! They even took the original Transformers Artwork and added it to the card. They also used a regular Transformers Brainstorm and in the lower picture, they tried to add their tail section to make it look as part of the toy. Other changes they did was the stickers on the wings, while keeping the chest sticker the same. Brainstorm is obviously in different colors.

    As for the head, it seems for some strange reason they used a Chromedome head and then resculpted his face to more simpler.

Collection of: Cesar Cappellozza
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Cesar Cappellozza

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