This entire section is devoted to Transformer Knock-Offs! Call them what you will, Bootlegs, Knock-offs, Fakes, Copies, they are all part of the Transformer collecting universe. Some of these pieces are exact clones of their Transformer counterparts, while other have some added details or new features and colors!

    This section has been incredibly difficult to catagorize. Many companies choose to re-issue their knock-off toy under a new name, or in different colors. I have listed them all by their Transformer name, and then their special feature or the name on the package. I will also try to include links inside each .html to other .html's that have to do with the same robot from the same series, or other knock-offs of the same series.

    Alot of these have been in my computer for years. I forgot who owns most of them, so if you did purchase one these off Ebay or another site, let me know.

Air Raid (G2) MOC

Apeface "Multi-Colored"

Autobot Clones MOC (Twin Metamoprhs)

Autoceptor (Robotime MIB)

Autoceptor (Robotime MOC)

Autoceptor (Quintel Alien Robot)

Autoceptor (Quintel Robot Watch)

Autoceptor (Watron Robot Watch)

Axer Action Master

Blades (New Cockpit!)

Blitzwing MOC (Blue)

Bombshell (Four Star)

Bombshell (Four Star)

Bonecrusher (Four Star)

Brainstorm MOC (Brazil)

Bruticas MIB (2-Up)

Bumblebee "Pretender" (Yellow/ Red)

Chromedome "Multi-Colored"

Computron Giftset MIB (Technobots) (Clone!)

Darkwing MOC (2-Up; Large)

Darkwing MOC (Regular; Small)

Deathzarus (Turns into a Car!)

Defensor Giftset MIB (Protectabots) (Clone!)

Ducon Battletrap MIB

Electro Laser Rod (G2) MOC

Fortress Maximus (Tiny)

Four Star Lunchbox

Grimlock "Gold" (Prehistory Dinosaur?)

Grimlock (Ancient Animal)

Hook (Four Star)

Hot Spot MOC (Rapidly King Kong Colnmn; 2-Up)

Kickback (Four Star)

Kickback (South Korea)

Landcross Combiner MOC (Aircraft Warrior)

Lock Bot Silver (Four Star)

Lock Bot Gold (Four Star)

Micromasters x24 & Multi Colored

Micromasters x4 MIB (Formulator Force)

Micromasters Space Shuttle (2-Up!)

Micromasters Police Boat (2-Up!) MOC

Mixmaster (Four Star)

Nautilator (Clone!)

Omega Supreme MIB (Cosmos Robot)

Optimus Prime MIB (Diaclone Clone!)

Optimus Prime Powermaster MIB (Dumptruck)

Perceptor (Black)

Predaking (White & Orange)

Rumble /Frenzy (Micro Cassette)

Rumble /Frenzy (Purple!)

Ravage (Green)

Ravage (Red)

Scamper MOC (Racer Robot)

Scrapper (Four Star)

Skalor (Clone!)

Sky Garry MOC (Robot Troop)

Sky Garry MOC (Aircraft Warrior)

Sky Garry MIB (Return Of Convoy)

Skullcruncher "Huge"

Slag MIB (Dinosaur Robot)

Slag (Prehistory Dinosaur?)

Sludge "w/ Wings & Yellow Chest" MIB (Prehistory Dinosaur)

Sludge "w/ Wings & Blue Chest" (Prehistory Dinosaur)

Sludge "w/ Wings & Yellow Chest" (Grohess French Prehistory Dinosaur)

Sludge "Silver" (with 6 Legs)

Sludge "Gold" (with 6 Legs!)

Sludge (Ancient Animal)

Snap Trap (Gold Chrome)

Snarl (Prehistory Dinosaur?)

Snarl MIB (Ancient Animal)

Soundwave MIB (Microman Clone)

Soundwave MIB (Robotic Radio)

Soundwave MIB (Radioman)

Starscream MIB (Kingdam F-15)

Superion Aeriablot Gift Set (Korean) MIB

Sunstreaker (Tank; Yell/Blue)

Sunstreaker MIB (Tank; Grey/Blue)

Sunstreaker (Sports Car; Yell/Blue)

Top Spin MIB (Robonave; Brazil Only)

Top Spin (2-Up; Transformation Fighter Force?)

Top Spin MOC (2-Up; Transformation Fighter Force)

Top Spin MIB (Robot Fighter)

Watch Race Car / Plane (Quintel)


The pieces below this line are not truly knock-offs. They are made by Taiwan and China companies, but the toy was designed by them. I have added them here because if someone needs to identify them, or they may be from the same series where a knock-off Transformer is in.

F-Force Jet MIB (Formulator Force)

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