Bottom of Box /\ Side of Box /\ Inserts of Box /\ Brontosaurs Mode (w/o Missiles & Sword)
/\ Brontosaurs Mode (w/o Weapons) /\ Brontosaurs Mode #2 (w/o Weapons) /\ Robot Mode /\ Back Side

    This Sludge is called Prontosaurus and is part of the Prehistory Animal series. This Knock-Off Sludge was produced in mid 1980's. Probably a little after the Dinobots hit store shelves, since I remember these being sold at Toys r' us. Right next to the regular Dinobots. The box itself is sturdy and has some great artwork and layout. The inserts are styrofoam and the piece even has a sticker sheet. For some unknown reason, it seems only Sludges have surfaced. They all have come from one dealer though.

    The figure itself can be a considered a new dinosaur! They have taken Sludge, given him a Pterodactyl head and wings and given him spines down his back. The figure is well made, and has a diecast chest. The paint though is yellow, and the plastic is more of a bronze. The figure did come with the regular Takara weapons of a Gun, 3 chrome missiles, missile launcher and a sword.

"Pyshco" Snarl/\"Pyshco" Grimlock

Collection of: Kristopher Olin / Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Kristopher Olin / Alex Bickmore

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