This Grimlock is called ???????? and is part of the Prehistory Animal series. This Knock-Off Grimlock was produced in mid 1980's. Probably a little after the Dinobots hit store shelves, since I remember these being sold at Toys r' us, right next to the regular Dinobots.

    The figure itself can be a considered a new dinosaur! They have taken Grimlcok, given him huge fangs for teeth, spikes all over and a large horn on his head and a large crest too. They changed his feet from 3 toes forward and two back to 4 toes forward and 1 toe back. Even Grimlocks dinosaur hands have been changed. The figure is well made, and has a diecast chest. The colors though as you can see are bronze and gold. We assume the figure did come with the regular Takara weapons of a Gun, 3 chrome missiles, missile launcher and a sword. It is highly probably that this bad-ass diabolical clone, can kick the crud out of our hero Grimlock.

"Pyshco" Snarl/\"Pyshco" Sludge

Collection of: Kristopher Olin
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Kristopher Olin

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