The company that produced these were copying exactly off the Takara's Diaclone's! These toys are so good, that they even got the box down almost perfectly. They did produce the other Dinobots and they look exactly like there Takara counterparts. They even had the die-cast parts. Even included all the same weapons as the Takara dinobots. The only real way to tell is to look for the Takara symbol on the toy, or look on the box. There are other things like the quality of plastic and texture of the box probably, but were not getting into that.

    The box has the exact same artwork that Takara created. But the box has no Takra markings and does not say Diaclone. Also, the box is in English, not Japanese!

    I do remember these being sold at Toy R' Us during the hype of Transformers. They were on the same shelf as Transformers, and selling just as well! I do remember only seeing Sludge, Grimlock and Slag. But the others may exist.

Collection of: Christian Horwath
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Christian Horwath

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