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    There are four of these toys. Darkwing and Dreadwind both large (2-Up) and small (Regular). This is the Darkwing Large version (2-Up). It is twice as big as the regular Transformers Darkwing. The small Darkwing and large Darkwing look exactly the same, only difference is size.

    The toy comes carded, and the back of the card had no printing. The front card doesn't look familiar (pictures Gundam robots) but the same card is used for all toys (even others that don't resemble Transformers). These are bieng produced by Toi-Toys and are recently made (1995+ to present day).

    The instruction "booklet" is interesting because if you look very close (sorry about the poor quality of the scan), you can see that the manufacturer used the TF names for the toys. This is only on the bottom were the instructions for the combiner (Dreadwind) are. The people who typed this as usual do no tknow much each english (as if they cared!), because in nearly every picture there is a typing error.

    The toy itself is nearly equal to Darkwing. The stickers are Decepticon shaped but have different printing. It's transformation and weapons are the same as Darkwing. The Powermaster figure doesn't fit on the toy and therefore doesn't work the same as the normal Transformer.

Collection of: Daniel Vink
Paragraph: Daniel Vink
Photos: Daniel Vink

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