This knock-off of Sludge is pretty weird. Of all the Sludge's (as well as Dinobot Knockoffs), this is the cheapest knock-off yet. The knock-off company created this piece with thin plastic, and parts that barely work together. They did at least take the time to make red clear plastic for the neck, as well as add Godzillia like spines AND.. add 2 extra tiny feet to Sludge! They also added a new head which looks much more evil. To even top it off, the gold chest parts don't fold apart like the normal Sludge, these just sit there because your not suppose to move them. Beer Belly Sludge it seems....The inside of Sludge is extactly the same as a Takara one, even with the driver cockpit made, but covered over buy the regular outside chest.

    There has been two known varations of this Knock-Off Sludge. The "Gold" body Sludge and the "Silver" body Sludge.

Collection of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Anonymous

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