This Knock-off comes all the way from Italy and was probably produced in the mid 80's. This piece may have also reached North America and Europe. It is a exact dulpicate of the Diaclone packaging and toy of Optimus Prime Convoy. The toy may be slightly or vastly different, it is unknown. We can see that the gun is different in his hand (seems to be a Dorvack jeeps, Aka Roadbuster's), and one huge wind shiled unlike 2 smaller ones. There are no manufacturer markings.

    A very unique thing about this piece is that the compnay may be the same as the one who produced Optimus Prime again, in the mid to late 90's as Battle Supbot. The stickers and trailor layout are the same. Shocking the compnay had the molds for that long.

Collection of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Anonymous

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