Front of Box

    Though this piece is not a true knock off of Soundwave, its in remarkably just like him. Basically same trasnformation, and even his rocket launcher on his shoulder. This guy stands 8 inches tall and has a arsenal of weapons. A bazooka, rifle, sword and shield. The toy itself is made of strong plastic and can actually pick up AM radio (by 9 volt). Overall he looks pretty neat.

     The toy was probabky made in the mide 80's and was sold at Radioshack next to "Shackwave" (Radio Shack Shockwave). The company that produced him was Sonic International Corporation from Edison New Jersey. Another tid bit I will add is that you see he is called "Good" there a evil one? Who knows?

     ""Radioman" -an innocent-appearing AM radio! But, with your secret commnds, the radio becomes ---Radioman--- A super robot with many capacbilities for battle! Hand to hand combat with sword and shield! A powerful bazooka for anti-tank use, and a super night scope rifle for long range attack! Radioman! Only you know his secret!"

Collection of: Nik Brandal
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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