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    This is the Four Star version of Takara's F-15 Diaclone. Four Star produced this jet in black, white and red. The jet and robot have many unique detailing that Four Star added to it. The box itself is made of heavy cardboard and has styrofoam inserts. This box and toy are full marked by Four Star and dated, 1985. The box art is also unique to Four Star, but the lay out of the graphics is like Transformer packaging.
    The toy itself has alot of new changes. The jet carries 2 missiles on each wing, which give it F-15 feeling (more than the Missile Launchers do!). Four Star also added on a new type of canopy and added subtle details to the body and wings. Also as you can see, Four Star completely sculpted their own new wings and tail fins. The stickers are completely different, and the piece actually also came with a Sticker Sheet.
    While in robot mode, everything is the same for the Transformation. Four Star did change the feet to be largere and easier to stand. They also changed the face, which now resembles a Jetifre (VF-1S) head w/o the prongs. This piece is really tough to locate, and packaged...well.....its the first I have ever seen one.

Collection Of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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