Many companies have taken idea's and direct molds from the Transformers line. The company called "Four Star" can be considered one of the best of doing just that. They took molds of Transformers and actually altered them into new transforming robots. With these new creations came new color and detail.....and most of the time a completley new toy! They even had the guts to stamp the toys with their markings.

    All Four Star robots were made in the early to mid 80's when Transformers were coming out in North America. These toys were sold retail and chain stores and were probably the highest quality knock-offs ever.

Bombshell (1st version)

Bombshell (2nd version)

Bonecrusher (Constructicon)

Decept-A-Bots MIB

Hook (Constructicon)

Kickback (1st version)

Lock Bot (Gold)

Lock Bot (Silver)

Lock "Chain" Bot (Blue)

Mixmaster (Constructicon)

Scrapper (Constructicon)

Starscream MIB (Phantom-White)

Tri-Fly MIB (Four Star's Own Bug/Jet)

Tri-Spy MIB (Four Star's Own Bug/Helicopter)

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