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    This is Four Star's creation. Their own quad changer you can all it! This toy can transform into a Strike Robot, a Hi-Tec Helicopter, a Daddy Long Legs spider, and a Black Widow Spider. The toy really is a transformation from robot to helicopter, with a cute added touch of the spider. The toy does feature some metal parts such as the helicopter railings, and blades. For a helicopter and spider, the toy isn't to shabby. As for the robot, it is really pathetic. The arms are way to short, barely holds his guns, and the head just doesn't look right. This piece though is rather tough to find and came in black and white versions.

    A very strange thing about the box is that the interior is not blank, but another front of another Four Star toy. When looking into the box, you can see the artwork and box display for the Four Star robot, Tri-Fly (which we will hopefully have up soon). There could countless reasons why this is, but it is strange.

Collection Of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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