Many strange novelty items were produced. Many of these are unlicensed as well. Pictured in this section will be some of the coolest and some of the strangest pieces I have come across.

North American Novelty Items

McDonalds Exclusive Toys

McDonalds 1985 Happy Meal Translite Display

McDonalds 1985 Happy Meal Toys

McDonalds 1988 Happy Meal Food Changables Display


Box Artwork for European Toys

Headquarters Cardboard Playset

Jetfire Carnival Glass

Mail-Away Time Warrior

Mardi Gras Dublooms from 1986

Brazilian Novelty Items

Transformers Board Game

Transformers Bed Sheets & Pillows & Curtains

Transformers Bouncy Ball

Transformers Coloring Book

Transformers Lunch Box

Transformers Puzzle

Transformers Sticker Book

Japan Novelty Items

Fanicom Return Of Convoy Video Game

Korean Novelty Items

Powermaster Optimus Prime Coin

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