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Dana Sterling

Age: 18
Rank: Lieutenant

The child of Max and Miriya Sterling, Dana is a unique character being the first child born out of union between two races.
She is among the first graduates of the Robotech Military Academy. Dana is very feminine, quiet athletic and has a brilliant and curious mind. Because of her crossbreeding, she has the added dimension of precognition and she shares an uncommon psychic bond with the renegade clone Zor Prime.

Prototype Figure
This prototype figure of Dana is almost the same as the production figure, but she is holding a differently designed gun.
Matchbox (Japan): This figure has more detail than the Chinese version. There are more gray painted areas on the chest and the back. Also, the sheild has a black stripe.
Matchbox (China): This version is slightly shorter than the Japanese version. A different mold was also used to make this figure. It was painted more plainly and does not have a stripe on the shield.
All figures: Come with a helmet, a shield and a gun. Dana is wearing the typical armor of pilots for the Veritech Hover Tanks.



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