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Robotech Master

Age: Undetermined

Contemporaries of the original Zor, the Robotech Elders and their offspring, the arrogant Robotech Masters have charted the destinies of Robotechnology for countless generations. They view the functions of the universe in very simple terms-life is merely a game, and they are the gamemasters. They are the most cunning and ruthless group that the RDF will ever have to deal with particularly because their entire way of life depends on their supply of protoculture.

Prototype Figure
According to this Prototype figure made around 1985, it appears that Matchbox considered giving the Robotech Master a slightly less detailed paint job (like the figure released by Harmony Gold).

Matchbox (Japan): This figure came with no accessories. It is commonly thought to be the ugliest and least interesting of all of the Robotech figures. I'm sure that it was the peg-warmer of it's day, but none the less it has to be had for a collection to be complete.

Harmony Gold (China): The Harmony Gold Robotech Master is just as ugly and just as boring as the Matchbox Version. He does look slightly less dead with a little pigment in his face though.
This version has a solid blue colored dress robe and blue shoes.
On a high note, the picture on his card does resemble a screwed up Patrick Stewart.

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