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Rick Hunter

Age: 19
Rank: Lieutenant

An amateur pilot and close friend of Roy Fokker, Rick unwittingly becomes one of the major players in an inter-galactic war which could determine the ultimate fate of the human race.
Although he does not approve of violence, Rick ultimately accepts the mantle of responsibility that falls on his shoulders and becomes an ace pilot in the RDF's famous "Skull Squadron."

Prototype Figure
This prototype figure pictured in the Matchbox catalog varies only slightly from the final figure that was produced.
Matchbox (Japan): This figure of Rick came with a removable helmet and a gun. He comes painted with gray buckles on his chest and gray wristbands. On some of these figures the blue vertical stripe, on the front of the waist piece, is longer on some than others. As far as this minor variation is concerned, I do not know which is more rare.
Harmony Gold (China): This figure also comes with a removable helmet and a gun. Harmony Gold used a slightly different mold than the Matchbox figures, which makes the figure more slender and a little taller. His buckles and wristbands are painted silver.


Harmony Gold


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