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SDF-1 Playset

The SDF-1 Playset was released in 1985 by Matchbox. It came in a huge box (2'x2'x9") with color images on the front and a black and white image on the back describing all the features. The toy came unassembled with four large sticker sheets (over 80 stickers).
There is a working elevator, rotating radar, command chair and platform (made for a battloid to stand on). There are four exterior fold-down platforms to accomodate figures and mechs. One of the platforms has a large, four cannon, gun that folds out and rotates.
On the inside there four levels of play area. The top level is the command room. The level below that is a control room with two more chairs. These chairs don't have knobs to turn them like the command chair. They will turn, but you have to do it manually. The level below that is a catwalk with railing and a storage area. There are stairs from there that lead into the hangar area. The hangar area is a large folding cardboard floor with a rotating launch pad. When in storage the floor folds up to cover the back of the playset.
There are three yellow service vehicles and a diagnostic station that also comes with the playset. One of the vehicles is a cart with a seat for one figure and a trailer hitch. The other vehicles are platforms that can be towed behind the cart. One platform is large enough to hold a large mech and the other platform is a weapons trailer. It holds two missiles (that are also included).
There is a large blue I-beam that holds a refueling unit and a hook and crane unit. These can slide along the length of the beam and can be used with other vehicles.
In the hangar area there is also a cell to hold Zentraedi prisoners. A trap door above the cell allows the enemy to be captured by surprise. The cell has a clear plastic door that can open and close. The trap door is activated by a blue switch that is hidden under the roof of the hangar.
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