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This plastic Matchbox version of the Gladiator toy was released in 1985.
It was molded in a dark green color. The gun on the back was green and the trapezoid shapes on the shoulders were left white instead of red.
The toy has 17 points of articulation, including the red hatch that could be opened to reveal the interior cannon. This vehicle is one of five nontransforming mecha used to defend the SDF-1.
This toy came packaged in a box with a sticker sheet and Robotech Fan club application.

This plastic Playmates version of the Gladiator toy was released in 1994. It uses the same mold as the Matchbox version, but was made with different colors. It is blue-green, the gun on the back is white and the trapezoidal shapes on the shoulders are now red.
This toy came packaged on a blister card with a sticker sheet.

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