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Lynn Minmei

Age: 15 going on 16
Rank: Non-military status

Lynn Minmei is one of the many refugees who must live on the SDF-1 on its yearlong journey back to Earth after a disastrous encounter with the Robotech Space Fold Device. During the voyage she becomes the darling of the SDF-1 being crowned "Miss Macross". Her singing and the messages in her songs ultimately inspire many of the Zentraedi to defect. She grows to accept her responsibility as a leader in the reconstruction of the Earth after its destruction in the Robotech Wars.

Prototype Figure
This prototype of Minmei was made in the mid 1980's, but the figure wasn't produced until 1992. The scarecrow style arms, were thankfully changed.

Harmony Gold (China): Lynn Minmei was never produced by Matchbox in 1985, but when Harmony Gold acquired all of the molds for the figures in the early 1990's the figure was finally produced. Today she is one of the more sought after of the figures.
She comes with a microphone so that she can sing and wreak havoc among the Zentraedi forces.
She is a really nice figure from the neck down, but she has a major chin problem. Also as you can see in the picture to the left the thigh joints on the Harmony Gold figures have tendency to split apart a little.

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