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Max Sterling

Age: 19
Rank: Lieutenant

Max Sterling is one of the many young men from Macross City who enlist in the RDF after his life was disrupted by the interstellar war with the Zentraedi. Distinguishing himself in his early training period, he is assigned to Rick Hunter's newly-formed combat squad. Max easily becomes the most promising pilot of a new generation of Robotech Aces. His technique is pure perfection when it comes to flying and fighting in the Veritech Fighter.

Prototype Figure
This prototype figure, pictured in the Matchbox catalog, does not have the lenses of the glasses filled in so you can see the eyes. I suppose it was just easier to leave them filled in.

Matchbox (China): Came with a helmet and a gun (The RDF Sub-Machine Pistol-9mm). He is painted in lighter shades than the Harmony Gold figure and the hands have the gloves painted on them.
This figure is made for use with the Matchbox Veritech Fighter that was produced at the same time.
Max, Rick, and Roy all share the same body style.

Harmony Gold (China): Did not come with a helmet, but it did come with the gun (The RDF Sub-Machine Pistol-9mm). Unlike the Matchbox figure with the white gloves, the Harmony Gold figure has the hands painted in a flesh color.
It's sad that one of the coolest characters in the show has one of the worst looking figures, at least in my opinion.

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