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Roy Fokker

Age: 30
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Heroic commander of the famed "Skull Squadron" assigned the monumental task of defending SDF-1. He is the classic definition of a hero. He is also able to transcend his heroic mold to be human and compassionate. He likes to tease his friends especially Rick Hunter, and create a feeling of general comraderie. His raw courage and skill as a fighter pilot is matched only by Maximillian Sterling.

Prototype Figure
This prototype figure, pictured in the Matchbox catalog, varies only slightly from the actual figure that was produced.

Matchbox (China): Came with a removable helmet and a gun (The RDF Sub-Machine Pistol-9mm).
In my opinion he has the best color scheme of all the figures that share his same body configuration, Rick Hunter and Max Sterling.
Roy can be used with the Veritech Fighter toy that was also released by Matchbox.

Harmony Gold (China): Unlike the Matchbox figure, the Harmony Gold Roy Fokker does not come with a removable helmet. He does come with the gun (The RDF Sub-Machine Pistol-9mm).
The figure was painted in lighter shades than the Matchbox figure and is more colorful (note the chest straps). This figure has brown eyes instead of the black eyes like it's earlier counterpart.
This figure was meant for use with the Harmony Gold Veritech fighter toy that was released at the same time.

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